Selfish Pricks Coffee started in Denver, CO on what day we cannot tell you, at what time welllll we don’t know that either. What we can tell you is that two guys were at their day jobs and someone got called a SELFISH PRICK (which was probably a fair statement at that moment in time) however those two words not only turned into our brand, Selfish Pricks Coffee, but also brought two friends together to create something unique and original.

    Our goal was not only to give our customers great tasting coffee, but make you laugh in the process and not take the liquid fuel that makes the world turn so seriously. Matthew Cole our Head Roaster, Co-Founder, and Colorado Native grew his passion for all things coffee during his time in Ethiopia, heard of it? It’s pretty much the mecca of coffee! Matt unselfishly spent 3 years with the Peace Corps there, and not only learned from the best but started a small coffee shop of his own. This shop not only supported his surrounding community but gave others opportunities that at one point where not available. When he got back to the States, he left his shop behind but still had the passion of coffee running through his veins.

    He knew all he needed was a Prick to add to his team to make his dream of running a successfully coffee business come to life. That’s where I came in, the other Co-Founder, a Michigan Native that decided to move to Denver two years ago. Why? Just come to Denver and see for yourself, odds are you probably won’t want to leave. As Matt and I got to know each other we learned we both had aspirations to own our business one day, and as he explained his passion for coffee the brain storming began.

    Matt is the selfish part of Selfish Pricks, Matt takes his passion of coffee and roasting very seriously. When he is roasting that is his time, he will ignore me, and pretend to listen to what I’m saying about new marketing ideas but he is DIALED in to make sure every count, drop temp, etc. is where it needs to be, it is his world.

    Now I don’t want to call myself a prick butttt our bag GET OFF MY LAWN was my idea. I am the sales and marketing guy, I truly enjoy the creative aspects of the business, coming up with new concepts and ideas to enhance Selfish Pricks. I would tell you my name but I’m a prick, remember? (Insert smiley face here) But being the sales and marketing guy I promise you I’ll be nice if our paths ever cross.

    Now that you have finished reading this novel, we truly hope you enjoy our coffee, our humor, and how this all came together.